DAILY RATES – October 15, 2019

No Closing Cost Mortgages *

30 Year Refinance4 % APR
30 Year VA Refinance3.25 % APR
30 Year FHA Refinance4.125 %4.522 APR*
30 Year VA Jumbo Refinance3.375 % APR
30 Year Jumbo Refinance4.25 % APR

Lower Rate Mortgages

30 Year Purchase or Refinance3.375 %.948 point3.585 % APR
30 Year VA Purchase or Refinance3 %.163 point3.092 % APR
30 Year FHA Purchase or Refinance3 %.225 point3.72 % APR
30 Year VA JUMBO Purchase or Refi3 %.842 point3.206 % APR
40 Year Fixed Interest Only 4.375 %.444 point4.701 % APR

For Adjustable Rate, USDA, and Specialty Mortgage rates – please call, text, or email us. As well, we have even lower rates, but the costs are higher, and only appropriate if you know you will keep the mortgage for a long time. Please call if you would like free a cost benefit analysis for our lowest rate mortgages.


Bank statement

Bank Statement Program

Designed for Self Employed
Bank Statements used to determine Income
No Tax Returns required

Verification of Employment Loan

No W-2s and No Paystubs needed
No Tax Returns needed
2 Years of Verified Employment required

Rent to own

Rent To Own Borrower Program

Loan To Value determined by Appraisal instead of Contract Purchase Price
Borrower benefits from home equity growth


ITIN, Foreign Nationals, or Investors

Tax ID number used for identification
90% Loan To Value without Mtg Insurance
Bank Statements to determine Income are ok

credit event

Recent Housing or Credit Event

Close 1 day after a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
Loans up to $2 million
Non Warrantable Condos ok

reverse mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

No Monthly payments
Must be borrowers Principal Residence
Ages 62+ only.

Veterans Affairs Cashout Refinance Loans

Up to 100% Loan to Value (LTV)

Non-Warrantable Condo Loans

Interest Only Payment Mortgage

From $100,000 up to $1 million

USDA Mortgages

Up to 100% Loan To Value or higher because loan can include some fees.

Drew Bowles

Drew Bowles
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* No Closing Cost mortgages use Lender Credit to refund Closing Costs at loan settlement. Most of the time there is more credit than needed to pay the closing costs, and you can use the overage to pay other fees. Mortgage amounts under $400,000 may not have enough Lender Credit to offset all Lender Closing Costs.

Basic Assumptions for the above Daily Rates are:

30 Year Fixed rate on a conventional, conforming loan with a 740 or higher credit score for the Purchase or Refinance of your home or 2nd home. Loan To Value 75% or lower.

VA 30 Year Fixed rate on a Veterans Affairs loan with a 780 or higher credit score on the Purchase, Refinance, or Cashout Refinance of your home. Loan To Value up to 100%. Also assumes an exemption from the VA Funding Fee. No money is due at loan closing.

FHA 30 Year Fixed rate on a Federal Housing Administration loan with a 720 or higher credit score. Purchase or Refinance up to 96.5% Loan To Value. FHA upfront Mortgage Insurance paid with lender credit. The APR is higher because of the required monthly Mortgage Insurance.

Mortgage interest rates quoted above do not have prepayment penalties, and all are fixed rates.
Rates are for a 30 day lock in period. Refinance loans have lower interest rates because the taxes and title insurance fees are less. Other restrictions may apply, but the above assumptions cover most situations. Interest rates for Investment Properties are slightly higher – please contact us for a Loan Estimate, which is the best way to learn all the details about your loan.

Interest Rates usually change daily and the interest rates above may be higher or lower at the time of loan lock-in or loan commitment. Refinancing a mortgage may lead to paying higher total finance charges over the life of the loan compared to your current mortgage.